Izawa Technol Laboratory CO., LTD, in Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi-prefecture, pursues the finest quality in its production of carbide hob cutters, carbide formed cutters and industrial fastener tools and more.

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Company information

In 1962, our company developed and commercialized carbide hob cutters for the manufacturing of small gears. Our first products were originally adopted by the camera industry.

■The Utsunomiya factory(in 1981) 20 years after our company established

The reason our carbide hob was selected

The reason why the carbide hob was originally adopted by the camera industry was because compared with the high-speed steel hob, the carbide hob had a greatly extended tool life. This fact alone greatly improved the operating rate and production efficiency of the machines. The carbide metrial is considered to be brittle compared to high-speed steel, however due to the fact that the processing machines used for small gears were extremely precise and with little vibration, the combination worked well, with no failure in the process. Simply said, the carbide hobs were ideal for the processing of small gears.

■Micro hob and the shutter part of a camera

Company profile

Company name

Izawa Technol Laboratory Co., LTD.


Nissato-town 1371-2,
Post code: 321-2118





Date of Company Established

July 25th, 1962

Paid up Capital

10 million yen


Noriyuki Izawa

Business contents

Manufacture and sales of carbide cutting tools


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