Izawa Technol Laboratory CO., LTD, in Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi-prefecture, pursues the finest quality in its production of carbide hob cutters, carbide formed cutters and industrial fastener tools and more.

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Efforts to improve products accuracy

Our company utilizes years of experience in grinding technology, and constantly aims to achieve the highest accuracy possibly in order to satisfy customers and meet their requirements. In order to achieve high accuracy, we not only focus on production, but we start with fundimentals, such as the refinement of the infrastructure of our factory, making sure that the smallest details are managed properly from appropriate room temperature / humidity management, to a high level of security.

Carbide materials, the main material for our cutters, are produced and delivered according to the following process. As shown in the following image of ‘‘Molding process’’, the materials are produced in cylindrical shapes and with blade grooves before they are processed as cutters.

  • 原材料粉末制造

    Production of raw material powder

  • 压缩成型、机械加工

    Press molding / machining

  • 烧结


  • 成型加工

    Molding process

The surface is ground step by step from the material, and the precision of each procedure is strictly maintained until completion.

The image of Inside diameter grinding


The image of End face grinding


After completion of tooth profile grinding, inspection is carried out on all details, and only the products that meet all criteria can be delivered to customers as our products. ※Regarding the products with coating, the final inspection will be after the coating process.

The hobs produced are sent to coating makers. They are then coated with professional processing equipment after thorough cleaning. Regarding the kind of coating and the thickness of coating, please contact us.

  • 镀膜前

    The image of before the coating process

  • 镀膜后

    The image of after the coating process

The images are provided by Onwardgiken Co., LTD.

Hob cutters are used in the production of gears through the process known as "gear hobbing". The hob cutter, which is attached to a hobbing machine, cuts cylindrical workpieces into the shape of gears.


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